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List by Last Name
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Pina
Angela Maresca
Barbara Lohnes
Barry Tsang
Beth Schweiner
Brandy Kohnstamm
Bryan Coney
Bryan and Jackie Coney ~ a Showcase Couple !
Chris Parry
Christopher Bartolini
David Leibler
Dawn Bartolini
Dawn Ferrentino
Dawn and Chris ~ Compelling Couple !
Derek Ryde
Devon Boreham
Donna Helm
Frank Pawlowski
Gianna Verdoni
Gisele Quenneville
Jackie Coney
Jamie Murphy
Jason McNatt
Jeanne Burch
Jeannie Davis
Jennie Broderick
Jeremy Solmes
Jill Birth
Joel Price
Karen Parker
Kelly Rowella
Kevin Famoso
Lori Garland
Martine Larochelle
Mary Chappel
Mary Wettengel
Mary Wilkens
Marylee Lawrence
Matt Drazin
Mike Magrans
Mike Whaley
Odette Karlsson
Peter (Speedo-Peter) . . . Age 67
Peter (Speedo-Peter) . . . Age 82
Ray SanMartin
Renata Rasp
Rick Bonneau
Sandra Rivera
Dr. Scott F. Peterson
Sean and Barbara Murphy ~ an Inspiring Couple !
Sheila Hair
Stacey Timmons
Stephanie Ryde
Sue Drake
Tom Smith
Tommy Nash
Vicki Clark
Victoria Tucker

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